We have 15 years experience.

  • Premier Paint Guard have been delivering high quality production paint protection kits to many customers in the Automotive Industry since 2016.
  • Suntek PPF Gloss and Matt provide a strong reliable layer of paint protection that will defend vulnerable areas against road debris. 
  • It has passed OEM Material and Environmental testing in the Laboratory and Real World PASCAR testing.
  • We also supply protection kits for your Press fleets vulnerable areas such as front bumpers, front fenders, bonnets and rear quarters or full vehicle wraps reducing repainting costs and keeping your vehicle looking new for longer. 
  • Suntek has a self-healing top coat to help repair scratches with good adhesion and edge seal. It has a superior optical clarity and is UV stabilised.
  • Dealing with us is efficient and enjoyable. We pride ourselves on our good service and great products.
  • We have a technical team who will support with pattern design and development, installer training and technical advice. 
  • We support you all the way from pre production prototype vehicles into full production and beyond turning your product requirements into reality.
  • We are listed on the IMDS system and can provide PAW, PDS and mylar checking templates to assure you of our quality.

Luxury car in light tunnel

  • All cad files which have been developed can be supplied for the creation of engineering drawing and release.
  • We can develop patterns directly from your 3D CAD models. This helps speed up the design process as we don’t have to wait for a design intent vehicle to be made available.
  • We can also develop and install automotive decals onto customer cars. 

For further information and advice please contact us.


  • We work closely with your design team to get the correct coverage while not detracting from the vehicles overall style. 
  • Once installed it is designed to last at least 5 years up to 12 years.
  • We work smarter placing film invisably where it is needed most.