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Suntek PPF Gloss and Matt provide a strong reliable layer of paint protection that will defend vulnerable areas. It is a tried and trusted brand. It is flexible and self-healing. Easy to install with good adhesion, edge seal and is UV stablised. Once installed it is designed to last at least 5 years upto 12 years.

We also stock 1219mm (48") and 1524mm (60") width rolls. Please get in touch with your requirements.

If you have any special requests please get in touch.

Full Instructions and application tools included in each kit. Please contact us for Matt film

100mm x 600mm     £16.35 ~/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=16.35&item=100mm x600mm Film&returnUrl=~/car_ppg/caterham_sv.aspx

Small Car Kit  £150.64
2700mm x 600mm

~/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=150.64&item=Small Car Kit 2700mm x 600mm&returnUrl=~/buy_film_rolls.aspx
200mm x 600mm     £20.50 http://~/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=20.50&item=200mm x600mm Film&returnUrl=~/buy_film_rolls.aspx

Medium Car Kit £179.42
3100mm x 600mm

~/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=179.42&item=Medium Car Kit 3100mm x 600mm&returnUrl=~/buy_film_rolls.aspx
300mm x 600mm     £25.76 http://~/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=25.76&item=300mm x600mm Film&returnUrl=~/buy_film_rolls.aspx

Large Car Kit £198.00
3500mm x 600mm

~/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=198.00&item=Large Car Kit 3500mm x 600mm&returnUrl=~/buy_film_rolls.aspx
500mm x 600mm     £36.18 ~/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=36.18&item=500mm x 600mm Film&returnUrl=~/buy_film_rolls.aspx

Rear Bumper Lip  £29.68
1200mm x 100mm

~/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=29.68&item=Rear Bumper Lip 1200mm x 100mm&returnUrl=~/buy_film_rolls.aspx
1000mm x 600mm    £66.86 ~/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=66.86&item=1000mm x 600mm Film&returnUrl=~/buy_film_rolls.aspx

Bonnet Kit  £40.32
1200mm x 300mm

http://~/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=40.32&item=Bonnet Kit 1200mm x 300mm&returnUrl=~/buy_film_rolls.aspx
1500mm x 600mm    £92.96 ~/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=92.96&item=1500mm x 600mm Film&returnUrl=~/buy_film_rolls.aspx

Front Bumper Kit  £136.64
2400mm x 600mm

http://~/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=136.64&item=Front Bumper Kit 2400mm x 600mm&returnUrl=~/buy_film_rolls.aspx
2000mm x 600mm  £119.28 http://~/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=119.28&item=2000mm x 600mm Film&returnUrl=~/buy_film_rolls.aspx

2 - Door Edge/Handle Kit £15.68

http://~/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=15.68&item=2 - Door Edge / Handle Kit &returnUrl=~/buy_film_rolls.aspx
2500mm x 600mm  £145.60 http://~/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=145.60&item=2500mm x 600mm Film&returnUrl=~/buy_film_rolls.aspx

4 - Door Edge/Handle Kit £26.88

~/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=26.88&item=4 Door Edge / Handle Kit&returnUrl=~/buy_film_rolls.aspx
3000mm x 600mm  £171.92 ~/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=171.92&item=3000mm x 600mm Film&returnUrl=~/buy_film_rolls.aspx

Motorcycle Tank Pad Kit £14.22

http://~/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=14.22&item=Motorcycle Tank Pad Kit&returnUrl=~/buy_film_rolls.aspx
3500mm x 600mm  £198.00 ~/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=198.00&item=3500mm x 600mm Film&returnUrl=~/buy_film_rolls.aspx

Bicycle Kit  £24.64

http://~/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=24.64&item=Bicycle Kit&returnUrl=~/buy_film_rolls.aspx
4000mm x 600mm  £224.00 ~/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=224.00&item=4000mm x 600mm Film&returnUrl=~/buy_film_rolls.aspx

Template Kit   £10.00
450mm x 1000mm

http://~/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=10.00&item=Template Kit&returnUrl=~/buy_film_rolls.aspx
4500mm x 600mm  £250.54 ~/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=250.54&item=4500mm x 600mm Film&returnUrl=~/buy_film_rolls.aspx    
5000mm x 600mm  £280.45 ~/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=280.45&item=5000mm x 600mm Film&returnUrl=~/buy_film_rolls.aspx