DIY Guides


Simple step guide to developing patterns for your vehicle and fitting paint protection film.

  • Allow sufficient time for installation generally 2-3 hours.
  • Installation should be carried out between a temperature of 15°C and 32°C,  in a clean dust free environment. Avoid windy days.

DIY Pattern development

  • Ensure surfaces are completely clean and the paint work is free from any types of polish.
  • Position low tack tracing paper position on the vehicle surface where you want protection. 
  • Use a soft pencil ie 2B and draw around the edge to create the film pattern template.
  • Remove the low tack tracing paper and lay onto the paint protection film.
  • Cut around the pencil profile. You have your pattern ready for installation. 


  • Your kit will contain a film applicator with low friction sleeve, lint free cleaning cloth, application fluid concentrate.
  • Ensure all vehicle surfaces are clean and that no road grime, wax, tar, grease or any other dirt is present.
    erify size and position of all patterns. Fit a small piece first to get the hang of it.
  • Using a fine hand spray, liberally spray the application fluid on the vehicle where you want to fit the film. Leave wet.
  • Ensure your fingers are wet at all times with solution. Dry fingers will mark the adhesive side of the film. Remove backing paper and spray the adhesive side.
  • Position the film pattern onto the vehicle panel aligning the edges with a 2mm +/- 1mm gap. Use plenty of the solution to float the film into position. Be gentle and avoid creasing the film. The film may be removed and repositioned, but remember to keep the adhesive wet at all times and allow film to relax back to its original size and shape before reapplying. Take care to avoid stretching the film more than 20%.
  • Once the pattern is aligned start in the middle top with the blue applicator with low friction sleeve fitted. Press the film in place moving it outwards towards the edges of the film. Use firm continuous strokes. This motion pushes out the fluid as well as any air bubbles that are present. Be sure to overlap the applicator strokes.
  • If air or fluid does get trapped carefully lift the edge of the film with wet fingers and spray with solution and re-apply with the applicator. This must be done within 10 minutes of application or excessive stretching will occur.
  • Ensure that the edges of the film are fully adhered to the panel. Some very gentle stretching may be required to fit the curves of the panel.
  • If any edges won't stay down, hold with the applicator or lint free cloth for a minute until the adhesive sticks. Hair dryer can be used to apply additional heat.

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