Caterham S3

Paint Protection Film - Caterham S3

Select your body panel below. If you have any special requests please get in touch.

We travel to you for your installation as long as you have a clean warm garage.

SunTek Gloss self-healing film is suppied as standard . If you require Matt film please add  'Matt Film' on  the paypal checkout

Spring protector LH&RH £6.68

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Need this installed ON YOUR CAR?

We will travel to you for installation.

S3 Nose cone upper & lower £32.03

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Front mudguard Kit (LH&RH) £9.23

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130mm Bodyside RH & LH £58.67

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200mm Bodyside RH & LH £92.00

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Full bodyside RH & LH £150.33

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Scuttle £35.54

Windscreen/Aeroscreen foot print

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Bonnet to door stop RH&LH £13.40

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Don't Forget your Application Kit

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Under Fuel Filler £3.70

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Rear mudguard large RH & LH £42.85

No stone guard fitted

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Rear mudguard L shape RH & LH £42.85

With stone guard fitted

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Buckle Strips LH & RH. £6.16

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Door upper RH & LH £22.00

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Individual patterns can be purchased separately.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


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