Morgan +4

Morgan +4

Select your body panel below. If you have any special requests please get in touch.

We travel to you for your installation as long as you have a clean warm garage.

Suntek Gloss self-healing film is supplied as standard. If you require Matt film please add 'Matt film' on the paypal checkout.


Rear wheelarch RH&LH £26.88

/ppg/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=26.88&shipping=7.90&item=Morgan +4 Rear wheelarch RH&LH&returnUrl=~/car_ppg/morgan_4.aspx



Full running board RH&LH£60.48

/ppg/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=60.48&shipping=7.90&item=Morgan +4 Full running board RH&LH&returnUrl=~/car_ppg/morgan_4.aspx

Alternative running board outer edges RH&LH £31.36

/ppg/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=31.36&shipping=7.90&item=Morgan +4 running board outer edge RH&LH&returnUrl=~/car_ppg/morgan_4.aspx

Bonnet strap RH&LH  including 6 vent tops £22.40

/ppg/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=22.40&shipping=3.95&item=Morgan +4 Bonnet strap RH&LH&returnUrl=~/car_ppg/morgan_4.aspx

Full kit* inc. full width running board £156.80

/ppg/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=156.80&shipping=15.35&item=Morgan +4 Full kit&returnUrl=~/car_ppg/morgan_4.aspx

Front nose £41.44

/ppg/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=41.44&shipping=7.90&item=Morgan +4 Front nose&returnUrl=~/car_ppg/morgan_4.aspx

Wing inner RH&LH £22.96

/ppg/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=22.96&shipping=3.95&item=Morgan +4 Wing inner RH&LH&returnUrl=~/car_ppg/morgan_4.aspx

Wing outer RH&LH £26.88

/ppg/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=26.88&shipping=7.90&item=Morgan +4 Wing outer RH&LH&returnUrl=~/car_ppg/morgan_4.aspx

Application kit with easy to follow instructions application squeege  cloth and fluid concentrate  £12.32

/ppg/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=12.32&shipping=3.95&item=Application kit&returnUrl=~/car_ppg/morgan_4.aspx

Full kit* running board outer edge £135.52

/ppg/payments/paypal.aspx?amount=135.52&shipping=15.35&item=Morgan +4 Full Kit running board outer edge&returnUrl=~/car_ppg/morgan_4.aspx

Individual patterns can be purchased separately.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


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